Elective courses

One of the options to fill the 12 EC elective component are the GSLS Master's degree elective courses. No permission is needed for this and GSLS elective courses are by default good choices to fill your elective component.

Other course options to fulfill your elective component

Beneath the list of GSLS elective courses, you will find more information on other course options to fullfil your elective component. Make sure to check this information when you consider one of these options because additional approval is needed by for instance the programme coordinator and/or Board of Examiners.

Expensive courses

The courses Laboratory Animal Sciences and Radiation Safety are expensive courses. You should have written approval from your programme coordinator if you want to take one of these courses. A copy of the arrangement has to be sent to the Master’s administration office for administrative purposes.

If you take one of these courses you cannot automatically follow the other but in exceptional cases more than one course may be allowed. 

List of GSLS elective courses

Other course options to fulfill elective component