Elective courses

One of the options to fill the 12 EC elective component are the general elective courses (see table below). No permission is needed for this and general elective courses are by default good choices to fill your elective component.

Other course options to fulfill your elective component

Beneath the list of general elective courses, you will find more information on other course options to fullfil your elective component. Make sure to check this information when you consider one of these options because additional approval is needed by for instance the programme coordinator and/or Board of Examiners.

Furthermore, some programme-related courses are optional for students from other Master's programmes and can therefore serve as an elective course component. For the full overview of programme-related courses, visit the course overview page.

Expensive courses

Laboratory Animal Science and Radiation Protection are expensive courses. You should have written approval from your programme coordinator if you want to take one of these courses. A copy of the arrangement has to be sent to the administration office for administrative purposes.

If you take one of these courses you cannot automatically follow the other but in exceptional cases more than one course may be allowed. 

List of general elective courses

Name courseStart dateEnd dateEC
Academic Writing (BMB508523) 1/4Sep. 4Nov. 122
English for Academic Purposes - Online (BMB427006) 1/6Sep. 4Nov. 133
Loopbaanoriëntatie en Professionalisering (B-MLOOP10) 1/4Sep. 8Oct. 135
Communicating Life Sciences (BMB507611) 1/2Sep. 14Nov. 163
Laboratory Animal Science (BMB426006)Sep. 25Oct. 123
Basics of Biostatistics (BMB507217)Nov. 13Feb. 24.5
Engaging Scientists with the Public (BMB614319) 1/2Nov. 13Feb. 23
Academic Writing (BMB508523) 2/4Nov. 13Feb. 42
English for Academic Purposes - Online (BMB427006) 2/6Nov. 13Feb. 53
Professional Identity Education (BMB4812023)Nov. 13 2023Apr. 28 20253
Experience and Expertise (BMB4711022)Nov. 13 2023May 1 20254.5
Adobe illustrator and InDesign for Scientific Purposes - Online (BMB504321) 1/2Nov. 14Feb. 21.5
English for Academic Purposes - Online (BMB427006) 3/6Nov. 15Feb. 73
Loopbaanoriëntatie en Professionalisering (B-MLOOP10) 2/4Nov. 17Dec. 125
Academic Writing (BMB508523) 3/4Feb. 5Apr. 142
Logical Argumentation in Science: Publishing, Proposals and Pitching (BMB505320)Feb. 5Apr. 193
Vascularized Tissue Engineering - Online (BMB507319)Feb. 5Apr. 213
English for Academic Purposes - Online (BMB427006) 4/6Feb. 5Apr. 223
Adobe illustrator and InDesign for Scientific Purposes - Online (BMB504321) 2/2Feb. 6Apr. 191.5
Thematic Interdisciplinary Challenge (B-MTIC20)Feb. 7Apr. 197.5
Loopbaanoriëntatie en Professionalisering (B-MLOOP10) 3/4Feb. 16Mar. 225
Bio-Tech-Med Interdisciplinary Team Training (BITT project) (BMB529019)Feb. 22Apr. 43
Bio-Tech-Med Interdisciplinary Team Training (BITT project) (BMB539019)Feb. 22May 35
Academic Writing (BMB508523) 4/4Apr. 22Jun. 272
Engaging Scientists with the Public (BMB614319) 2/2Apr. 22Jun. 283
History of Medicine and the Biomedical Sciences (BMB4811023)Apr. 22Jun. 285
English for Academic Purposes - Online (BMB427006) 5/6Apr. 22Jul. 83
English for Academic Purposes - Online (BMB427006) 6/6Apr. 24Jul. 33
Communicating Life Sciences (BMB507611) 2/2Apr. 25Jun. 273
Loopbaanoriëntatie en Professionalisering (B-MLOOP10) 4/4May 17Jun. 215
Global and Plenetary Health (BMB669221)May 22Jun. 73
Better Science with Less Animals (DOVP-BSLAE)TBDTBD4.5
Radiation Protection - ELO on Open Sources - Online (BMB429020)TBDTBD1
Replacing Animal Testing Challenge (DOVP-RATC)TBDTBD7.5
Societal Challenges for Life Science Scientists: Exploring Interdisciplinarity (BMB501917)TBDTBD3

Other course options to fulfill elective component