Course registration

Enrolment procedure in short

Enrolment for all* GSLS Master's courses is done via OSIRIS Student. You are responsible for registering in time for the courses you want to follow and for deregistering in time if you decide not to participate in a course. Failing to deregister in time or without a valid reason will diminish your chances on placement the next course registration period.

*There are three exceptions: 

  1. First-year students. They will automatically be registered for mandatory courses in September or February by the administration office. For all other mandatory courses you will need to register via OSIRIS Student as described.
  2. Epidemiology (Postgraduate) courses. See the Epidemiology website for more information.
  3. Science and Business Management students and students following the Management Profile are automatically subscribed for the courses of Fundamentals of Business and Economics.

For questions, please contact your administration office.