Supervised by a senior staff member and a PhD student or a postdoc, you will explore a research question related to the topic of biofabrication. You will formulate a hypothesis based on the research question, and design and perform an experimental study. You will then interpret your results and relate the outcome to the hypothesis, initial research question and current literature. Completing this project will teach you how to structure your research, to work in a team and extend your research experience. The final results will be presented in a written report and oral presentation.


  • Please note that the topics of the research projects and the writing assignment must be clearly different.
  • If you start a project without permission from the Board of Examiners, you will not be covered by our insurance for working in the lab.
  • Please note that the first and second examiners are staff members of UU or UMCU. It is not allowed for PhD students to act as examiner, they can only act as daily supervisors. The second examiner should not be involved in the research project you are planning to do, but can be member of the same research group.

Major / Minor research project

The regulations for the major and minor research project are identical. As you will follow the major research project abroad, please note that:

  • You can go abroad only if you complete the first year of studies. Preparations can start earlier in consultation with your Master’s programme coordinator.
  • It is required to get approval from the Board of Examiners for the major research project before the start of the project in Australia.
  • Electives have to be approved by the Board of Examiners in advance.
  • There’s always a UU examiner for a major research project abroad.

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