Biofabrication specific course

Students enrolled in Biofabrication are obliged to follow the course Introduction to Biofabrication. This introductory course will be taught in the first 10 weeks of the academic year, starting in September. You can earn 15 EC upon successful completion of the course. You will receive a reader at the start of the course which provides all information you will need. 


Up to date information about all available courses and course dates can be found in the study guide. For your schedule: My Timetable.

Introducing Life Sciences
This compulsory course is given in the first week of September for all Master's students. More information about ILS is available in the study guide.

Navigation Towards Personal Excellence
Navigation Towards Personal Excellence (NTPE) expands on the information about profiles, valorisation, and experiences of alumni during ILS with 3 workshops and reflection days within your own Master’s programme. More information can be found on the study guide.

Life Sciences seminars
Every month a seminar is organised by a different Master's programme. For more information about the LS seminars, please visit the study guide.

The ILS, NTPE and LS seminars are part of the Life Sciences Academy, which is 1.5 credits in total.

Note: Students, whom started their Master’s before September 2018, are enrolled in the courses Introducing Life Sciences (BMB509713) and Life Sciences seminars (BMB509214 or GSLS-SEMIN). Together with Introducing Life Sciences, the Life Sciences seminars are 1.5 credits in total. More information is available in the study guide.

Since September 2018, Life Sciences Seminars are part of the course Life Sciences academy (BMB509718 / GSLS-ACAD). If you started your studies earlier, please read the information available in the study guide

Each Master’s student has to attend at least 7 seminars during their Master’s programme, of which a minimum of 5 LS seminars organized by the GSLS. Two seminars can be followed elsewhere, subject to the approval of the programme coordinator*. During the GSLS seminars you are registered for attendance. 

A track list of LS seminars that were followed should be admitted together with one final self-reflection.The student is required to write the self-reflection individually (maximum 3 A4) about the knowledge and skills he/she obtained during the seminar series. This self-reflection will be evaluated by the programme coordinator (pass/fail).  

*Please note, that one or two seminars that are followed elsewhere have to be approved by the programme coordinator in advance.