Do you struggle with feelings of stress, anxiety or frustration? Do you feel you raise the bar too high for yourself? Are you having difficulty in interactions with supervisors? Or are you afraid to make mistakes, and to let things go?

Are you longing to experience more satisfaction, confidence and fulfillment in the things you do? And to make choices that are aligned with your needs and values? Or are you facing other personal challenges that impact your wellbeing and/or academic career?

Coaching can help you to realise your personal development goals. It is a personal trajectory tailored to your wishes and needs. Together, we look at what is important to you and which patterns stand in your way. You will also learn to understand who you are without these patterns and to experiment with alternatives. We will work towards feeling more freedom to shape your studies and life in your own way and your ability to deal with what you can not control. And we can explore personal questions such as who you are and what gives meaning to your life.

You can make an appointment with one of the following coaches:

  • Faculty of Medicine (Biomedical Sciences): Nynke Okma. Send an e-mail or plan an appointment.
  • Faculty of Science (Biosciences): Desley van der Zande or Lauw Klaassen. Send an e-mail or plan an appointment.

Contact one of the coaches to help you to discover the freedom to navigate your studies and life in a way that suits you.