Supervisor and Course of the Year

This event is a celebration of best practices in supervision and education within the Graduate School of Life Sciences. From inspiring supervisors to empower our Master's students to designing courses that enhance student learning, it's all about recognising excellence in our community.

Supervisor of the Year is dedicated to all supervisors within the GSLS who play vital roles in daily supervision. Students can nominate supervisors for this award (details below). While one supervisor receives the Supervisor of the Year Award, the event primarily aims to foster knowledge sharing, mutual learning, and the celebration of outstanding supervision across our school.

In addition, Course of the Year is part of this event. Here, you have the opportunity to nominate a course within GSLS that significantly impacted your academic journey. Nominations are open for both mandatory program-specific courses and elective courses.

Based on the nominations of the Supervisor of the Year Award, it has become clear what the secrets are to become a successful supervisor according to our GSLS Master's students. These findings are illustrated in the visuals depicted below.

Infographic Supervisor of the Year 2023/2024
Infographic Supervisor of the Year 2022/2023