Master Assembly Life Sciences

The Master Assembly Life Sciences (MALS) is an overarching body that deals with the GSLS-wide coordination of the degrees and its committees. Decisions on GSLS policy, directing GSLS projects and checking the quality control system are typical tasks of the MALS. It also advises the Board of Studies in certain cases.

The MALS regularly meets every month and consist of the following people:

  • Managing director of the GSLS, Shirrinka Goubitz (chair)
  • Degree director Biomedical Sciences, Harold van Rijen
  • Degree director Biosciences, Rob de Boer
  • Chair of the Board of Examiners / Chair Assessment Support Panel
  • Chair of the Board of Admissions
  • Chair of the Educational Committee
  • Policy representative Biomedical Sciences
  • Policy representative Biosciences

Marjan Batist-de Vos is secretary of the MALS and can be contacted for MALS-related issues.