Board of Studies

The deans of the Faculties of Science, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine are in charge of the GSLS. They are advised by the Board of Studies (BoS) that also has the authority to decide on daily matters under the accountability of the director of the GSLS.


Prof. I.W.C.E. Arends, PhD; dean Faculty of Science
Prof. A.W. Hoes, PhD; dean Faculty of Medicine
Prof. D.C.A. Jaarsma, DVM PhD; dean Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Secretary: dr. E. Erdtsieck-Ernste; managing director Utrecht Life Sciences, Faculty of Medicine

Board of Studies

Director GSLS and chair BoS:

Prof. H.V.M. van Rijen, PhD; Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine


Prof. dr. J.A.G. van Strijp, University Medical Center Utrecht


S.E.L. van Grinsven, MSc; PhD candidate
S. Bok, BSc; MSc student
Prof. C.R. Berkers, PhD; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Prof. B. Snel, PhD; Faculty of Science
Prof. S.M.A. Lens, PhD; University Medical Center Utrecht
Prof. S. van Wees, PhD; Faculty of Science
Prof. ir. L.A. Smit, PhD; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Prof. ir. T. Vermonden, PhD; Faculty of Science
Prof. A.C.G. Egberts, PhD; director of doctoral education GSLS
S.B. Ebeling, PhD, managing director PhD Course Center


Shirrinka Goubitz, PhD; managing director GSLS


Marjan Batist-de Vos (minutes)