Assessment Support Panel

** Currently, there is a vacancy for a teacher member (examiner). More information about the vacancy can be found in this pdf. **

The Assessment Support Panel (ASP) is part of the Board of Examiners and responsible for the quality of assessment. The ASP monitors the quality of:

  • assessment procedures;
  • written course exams, either by random sampling or upon request;
  • scoring of complex tasks, including scoring of presentations of scientific data, of theses and of research projects (by random sampling).

The ASP collects and assesses information on:

  • Cum Laude graduates of the School per programme;
  • percentages of passes per course;
  • grades for thesis and research projects (average and a frequency table); if possible per department.

The ASP advises on:

  • implementing optimal procedures to ensure valid and reliable assessment of learning outcomes;
  • professional development of examiners/staff with respect to assessment, based on the survey of assessment quality within GSLS programmes.

The ASP functions as a think tank: the members of the assessment panel possess or acquire knowledge of assessment theory and of the applicability of the multiple forms of assessment for the various educational goals set by the GSLS programmes.


ir. I.E.T. (Inge) van den Berg, PhDDepartment of Genetics


drs. A. (Annemarie) HeerschePharmaceutical Sciences
 E. (Esther) de Graaff, PhDCell Biology
 M.W.H.C (Marianne) Bol-Schoenmakers, PhDInstitute for Risk Assessment Sciences
 ir. K.L. (Koen) Vincken, PhDImage Sciences Institute

Advisor, secretary

K. (Kirsten) Koymans, PhDBiomedical Sciences

More information and contact

For questions or advice regarding assessment, please contact the Assessment Support Panel.