Major research project

The major research project is normally done within the UU/UMC in the lasts nine months and counts for 51 EC. 

Minor research project / profile

The minor research project is particularly suitable to do abroad. Its duration is six months and upon successful completion the research project will be awarded with 33 EC.  If you choose to do a major and minor research project, this is called the research profile.

Instead of the minor research project you can also choose one of the different profiles.


You can extend your research projects with your electives: 3, 6 or 9 EC. Go to the study guide for more information.

More (practical) information

Practical information can be found in the study guide. For instance, the Research Project guide for students.

Programme specific information about Research Projects

Students work within one of the research themes that are part of IRAS. The projects can consist of toxicological laboratory work, data collection for exposure assessment of chemical, biological of physical environmental factors, epidemiological data analysis etc.

During the major research project, the student takes part in the IRAS and division seminars in addition to the Life Sciences seminars.

Students are encouraged to do their minor research project abroad. To find out about these possibilities, contact the IRAS staff in the field of your personal interest, e.g. Toxicology, Environmental or Occupational Epidemiology, Exposure Assessment. IRAS staff have many contacts in the field.