Largest synthetic biology competition in the world

The iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) competition is the largest synthetic biology competition in the world. An interdisciplinary team of bachelor and master beta students tries to solve a real world problem, using genetically engineered organisms. At the end, the team travels to Boston for the giant jamboree, to compete with hundreds of teams from all over the world.

2017 was the first time for Utrecht University to participate in the iGEM competition. We aimed to make a novel DNA biosensor based on catalytically inactive Cas9 and Cpf1, which could be used to diagnose for example Chagas disease. We are very proud to have won a gold medal ánd to have received a nomination for the best Integrated Human Practices!

For next year, iGEM Utrecht is looking for new, motivated members. As iGEM is interdisciplinary, the more diverse the team, the better: whether you have an interest in labwork, modelling, funding, PR or human outreach, we are looking for you!

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