At every level of Utrecht University, students and staff help develop policy and give advice to the different governing bodies. A well-organised student and staff representation system is very important to the University. 

Voicing your opinion

Your opinion is very important to us! Your constructive and critical feedback motivates us to improve our educational standards and our facilities.
Do you want to offer us feedback on our performance, or would you like to participate in educational policy making and represent the students of the Faculty of Science? You can!
You can do this by simply participating in educational surveys or by becoming a student member of one of our boards and committees.

More information

Life Sciences Representatives (LSR) is a student initiative to represent the interests and rights of all Master's students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences at Utrecht University. Read more about the LSR in the study guide.

The main task of the Educational Committee (EC) consists of assessing and ensuring the quality of education of the Master’s programmes within the School.

Members 2020-2021

The EC is composed of 14 members (7 teaching staff and 7 MSc students) who represent the research Master’s programmes of Graduate School of Life Sciences.

Staff members
Inge The, PhD (chair)
Marianne Boes, PhD
Paul Henricks, PhD
Gerrit Koop, PhD
Adrien Melquiond, PhD
Tzviya Zeev Ben Mordehai, PhD
Maartje Veeneman-Rijkens, PhD 

MSc student members
Bart Boogaard
Ella Schunselaar
Jitte Jennekens
Inez van Miltenburg (vice-chair)
Peter Franken
Rutger Remmers
Georgia Avramidou

Tania Morán Luengo
drs. Bram Benthem 

Marjan Batist-de Vos


If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions concerning education in the Graduate School of Life Sciences, you can contact the Educational Committee.

The Faculty Council is an official consultative body for the students and staff of the faculty that is authorised to consult with the Dean. These consultations concern faculty-related matters and decisions. The Faculty Councils have right of consent or right of advice in a couple of the Dean’s decisions. Read more about the Faculty Councils in the study guide.

The University Council is the central representative body of Utrecht University. The Council serves the interests of students and staff.

More information is available: University Council.