Your Programme Coordinator can advise you on all practical matters concerning your Master's programme. For instance, how to plan your research projects and which elective courses you should choose. There are also coordinators for the different tracks of Environmental Biology. You can contact your track coordinator for track-specific questions.


Prof. Ronald Pierik
Ronald Pierik

Programme Director
Hugo R. Kruyt building
Room Z 305
Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht

Dr. Marijke van Kuijk
Marijke van Kuijk

Programme coordinator
Track Ecology & Natural Resource Management
Hugo R. Kruyt building
Room N305

Dr. Kaisa Kajala
Kaisa Kajala

Coordinator Track Plant Biology
Hugo R. Kruyt building
Room Z306

Prof. dr. Liesbeth Sterck
Liesbeth Sterck

Coordinator Track Behavioural Ecology
Hugo R. Kruyt building
Room O 305


Prof. Han Wösten
Han Wosten

Coordinator Track Fungal Biology
Hugo R. Kruyt building
Room W401