If you have personal and/or confidential issues, you can contact your student psychologist, student counsellor or confidential advisor.

Student psychologists can help you to solve study-related problems and to address personal problems.

Contact information

To schedule an appointment with the student psychologist or counsellor, contact Student Services.

Student counsellor

Student Counsellors provide advice and support to students who have suffered a serious study delay or are threatening to fall behind. Possible reasons could be a disability or chronic illness, membership of a board of a student organisation or participation in sports at an international level.

The Study Advisor or your Tutor can refer you to a Student counsellor if you wish to terminate your enrolment due to illness or exceptional family circumstances, if you face financial problems or if you wish to make use of the university schemes offering financial support.

Contact information

To schedule an appointment with the student psychologist or counsellor, contact Student Services.

Students who encounter confidentiality issues in education can request support from a number of people at the faculty and the university. Student complaints pertaining to education may deal with:

  • supervision of a thesis or a practical
  • negligence in abiding by the course or exam schedule
  • the behaviour of a lecturer or other staff member
  • unsatisfactory or unavailable facilities
  • the accessibility of facilities
  • the manner in which a letter is answered

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It can be difficult for students who do not agree with the manner in which a university employee or organisation has behaved. Often, a solution can be found in an informal way or in consultation, but if not, the student can also submit the complaint to the:

If you want more information please read the general information about complaints, objections and appeals.

Everyone involved in academic teaching and research at Utrecht University shares in the responsibility to maintain academic integrity. More information about academic integrity can be found here.

Confidential advisor academic integrity

Students and staff can address any questions or complaints about academic integrity to the scientific integrity counsellor. The counsellor will attempt to mediate between the parties involved in the complaint or otherwise reach an amicable resolution. The scientific integrity counsellor of the faculty of science is prof. dr. Bert Theunissen. His contact information:


The Academic Integrity counsellor can advise you to submit an official complaint to the Committee for Academic Integrity. Please submit any official complaints in writing. You can send your letter to the following address:

Committee for Academic Integrity
Legal Affairs department
P.O Box 80125
3508TC Utrecht