The two year (120 EC) Master's programme in Environmental Biology offers you the opportunity to explore different organisational levels of life – from genes, cells, and organisms to populations and entire ecosystems. In this programme, you will study the fundamental life processes of plants and microbes. The interdisciplinary course content also offers you the chance to examine animal behaviour from an ecological and evolutionary perspective. The programme offers you considerable freedom to choose a specific field within Environmental Biology.

Events Bèta

9 July 2019 14:00 -
When you apply for jobs, promoting yourself online is essential. In this workshop you learn what a good LinkedIn profile looks like and how to use LinkedIn.

News UU

18 January 2019
From 4 February we will be using teaching areas in the education premises in this building
Bolognalaan 101
7 January 2019
Read more about the new education premises at Bolognalaan 101.
Google maps view van het nieuwe gebouw
6 November 2018
New teaching areas for the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Geosciences and the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
26 October 2018
Soon, the contractor will begin work to create a secure, locked section of the bicycle parking facility
The Big UU Game
20 April 2017
Monday 24 April is the launch of the first edition of an interactive game: the Big UU game.