For most courses you need to register online through OSIRIS. Your Solis-ID is your login code for this programme. The staff at the Student Desk will help you register for the first set of courses in the first year of your programme. 
Registration for some courses is done by sending a registration request to the course coördinator. This is clearly indicated in the course catalogue.
The Cursusplanner is an online programme with which you can browse through the course catalogue and plan your study efficiently. 
The academic year has two semesters, each consisting of two periods. To be able to attend classes you need to register during the official course registration period for the courses you would like to take in each period. The registration periods are listed below.

1st period

Tuesday 2 June - Sunday 28 June 2020

2nd period

Monday 14 Sept - Sunday 27 Sept 2020

3rd period

Monday 2 Nov - Sunday 29 Nov 2020

4th period

Monday 1 Feb - Sunday 28 Feb 2021


If you have registered for a course that you do not wish to take, please deregister again through OSIRIS at your earliest convenience so as to open up a space for a fellow student. Your dossier will show an ND (not participated) or NVD (Not Completed), should you decide to quit a course half way. This may affect your cum laude status. Rules can be found in the Education and Examination Regulations (OER) of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences or Life Sciences.