practical information about Travel & Exchange

Research projects or internships abroad

If you would like to do your research project or an internship abroad you can find all information you need in the Study Guide.

First step is: contact your Programme Coordinator.

UU Information about courses abroad

Below you can find more information from the UU about arranging courses abroad.

Study abroad in five steps

Study abroad

Utrecht University works together with other universities all over the world. Your faculty has agreements for a specific field of study, while the general university agreements are open to students from every faculty (unless otherwise stated). During an exchange, you stay registered at the UU and you do not pay tuition fees to the foreign university.

Do you want to know more and get started?

Go to Arranging your study abroad in 5 steps, to browse through partner universities (step 2). Depending on your destination, you will receive guidance from the International Office of your faculty or from Student Services (general university exchanges).

Find your destination on the overview of partner universities.

The programme stimulates to go abroad for a minor research project. You can find research groups using, and by talking to older students and UU researchers. You select based on your interest in science fields, skills and diseases. You further train the required research skills in the optional courses or individually in Utrecht research groups. Research projects can be taken in research institutes and industries throughout the world.

Note: Going abroad requires quite some (up to one year, depending on your destination) preparation time.