Up to date information about all available courses and course dates can be found in the study guide. For your schedule: My Timetable.

Introducing Life Sciences
This compulsory course is given in the first week of September for all Master's students. More information about ILS is available in the study guide.

Navigation Towards Personal Excellence
Navigation Towards Personal Excellence (NTPE) expands on the information about profiles, valorisation, and experiences of alumni during ILS with 3 workshops and reflection days within your own Master’s programme. More information can be found on the study guide.

Life Sciences seminars
Every month a seminar is organised by a different Master's programme. For more information about the LS seminars, please visit the study guide.

The ILS, NTPE and LS seminars are part of the Life Sciences Academy, which is 1.5 credits in total.

Note: Students, whom started their Master’s before September 2018, are enrolled in the courses Introducing Life Sciences (BMB509713) and Life Sciences seminars (BMB509214 or GSLS-SEMIN). Together with Introducing Life Sciences, the Life Sciences seminars are 1.5 credits in total. More information is available in the study guide.

Courses specific for Biology of Disease

The theoretical component yields 10 weeks or 15 ECTS. Under the auspices of Biology of Disease a number of courses are organized.

Additional to the mandatory Kick off course, Biology of Disease students should accomplish 12 EC with specific (cardiovascular) BoD courses.

You can find detailed information on Biology of Disease courses on the Study Guide.