You’ve probably heard of the exceptionally good level of English that the majority of Dutch individuals speak. For this reason, learning Dutch is probably something you haven’t even considered. Moreover, you probably think you won’t have the time or resources to give learning some Dutch a go. Here at UU, we hope to change your mind!

As admitted students of Utrecht, you are entitled to a free Dutch language course provided by UU. This course is designed to give you an idea of what it’s like to be an international student in the Netherlands, specifically one studying in Utrecht, and will run you through the basic vocabulary needed to survive during your time here, such as navigating the transport in Utrecht and the rest of the Netherlands, where to buy your groceries and other items, and how to find your way around the city on a bicycle.

So not only will you learn enough Dutch needed to impress the locals, but can also gain an idea of what student life in Utrecht is like, and familiarize yourself with the best places to see, eat, and drink before you arrive.


On average, our students gave the course a 4.3 out of 5, and those who previously took it noted that because of the variety of learning methods, and the fun way it was taught, they found it much easier to pick up the basic vocabulary than they thought it would be. Others commented that it was especially useful in helping them feel more at home in Utrecht when they first moved.

Read what our students had to say!

“I really liked to learn the main vocabulary that is needed in situations such as groceries shopping or travels, as that will be most helpful during my stay in Utrecht. I also really enjoyed the fact that the various chapters throughout the course reference the life in the Netherlands in general, and Utrecht in particular, so I was able to really get a hint of how life in Utrecht will be, what I should pay attention to, and what activities I should do or places to go.”

— Marcus Wood from the UK (24, MA Applied Ethics)

“I found it helpful to be provided with relevant words involving transportation, as well as links and maps that help me get around the city.”

— Aino Vuorio from Finland (26, RMA Gender Studies)

Interested? The course will be opened between Monday the 16th of August till Friday 1st of October. You can enter the course through the link below.