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Bachelor, Master, Premaster
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Time investment: 
One session
Free of charge

Living and studying in the Netherlands can be quite an adventure when you are used to a different country. Maybe you have found your way during the Welcome Week in August, but maybe you would like to get to know more about the guidance and development options at Utrecht University. On 5 October (University Library City Centre) and 10 October (University Library Utrecht Science Park) you can walk-in between 11.00-15.00 and meet Skills Lab, Student Wellbeing and Career Services.

Speed coaching (11.00-15.00)
During Get 2 Know UU the writing tutors and study coaches will provide you with a speed coaching session; A short session of about 10 to 15 minutes in which you can discuss your academic obstacles with a coach! In collaboration with a coach, you will make a flying start in developing your academic skills and make a plan on how to move forward!

Already interested in a full session of 45 minutes? Make an appointment!

Transition curve (11.00-15.00)
Smoothening your transitions to the UU with academic skills.

Lunch meditation (11.30-12.00 | 12.00-12.30)
Enjoy some peace and quiet and learn what meditation can do for you during one of the lunch meditation sessions provided by one of the Student Wellbeing trainers.

Do you already feel the need to get started with a student wellbeing training, for example on how to tackle stress? Then take a look at this page.

Mental health around the world (13.15-14.00)
The Clinical Skills Lab invites you to explore the diverse regulations governing psychology in our respective home countries. This ranges from the academic requirements one needs in order to become a mental health practitioner, as far as the resources available for therapy in each country. Moreover, the Dutch health care system is discussed.

CV/Cover Letter Check (11.00-15.00)
Looking for guidance to enhance your CV and/or cover letter? Career Services is here to provide expert tips to ensure your CV and cover letter are optimized for success! You don’t need to make an appointment but can just stop by at the information market on October 5 and 10!

LinkedIn Photoshoot (11.00-15.00)
Does your LinkedIn photo need an upgrade? Stop by our photographer booth to get your new LinkedIn profile picture taken for free! Join us on October 5th at the library in the city centre or October 10th at Utrecht Science Park library.

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