The courses below are 7,5 EC (unless indicated otherwise). The period (1/2/3/4) and time slot (A/B/C/D) are stated in parentheses per course, see schedules. You take 15 EC per period from different timeslots. You have to register for courses yourself.

Year 1

In your first year you take eight courses (60 EC). The focus in these courses varies from scientific and academic writing, advanced and specialised research methods and techniques, and writing a research proposal for your Master's thesis, to urban and economic subject matters. Such as:

  • why people and businesses concentrate in cities.
  • core and new developments in urban and economic geography.
  • how do cities react to or prevent shocks (e.g. economic, social) from an evolutionary perspective.
  • social inequality and its different dimensions in cities. 

Year 2

In your second year you do a research project (45 EC), culminating in a Master's thesis. It is possible to combine this with an internship. The research project includes: 

  • a study abroad term
  • a scientific paper, suitable for publication in a peer reviewed scientific journal and/or a thesis report

You will also take two more courses (15 EC), focussing on writing a scientific (PhD) research proposal and on the orientation on an academic or professional career and reflection on personal development.

Year 2

If you were enrolled before the 2015-2016 academic year, you can use this concordance table to convert old courses -that are no longer being taught- into new ones.

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