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Universidade de Lisboa is an exchange destination for students of the Faculty of Geosciences in Lisboa, Portugal.

Student experiences
Academic calendar

Two semesters: 

Semester I: September - January 

Semester II: February - July

For more detailed information/specific dates check: Academic Calendar

Examination Period:

1st semester (January and February)

2nd semester (June and July)


The main language of instruciton in both bachelor's and master's programmes is Portuguese so a sufficient level of Portuguese is required. 

Level B1 (see CEFR). 

Areas of study open to exchange students


Courses at Master’s level


Language of instruction

The main language of instruciton in both bachelor's and master's programmes is Portuguese. Some master's courses are taught in English. 

Housing assistance

Yes, see Accomodation

Estimated living costs per month

Average cost of living in Lisbon:

  • Meals: € 225/month
  • Renting a room: 200-350 €/month (expenses may not be included)
  • Renting a Studio /Apartment: 350-500 €/month (expenses may not be included)
  • Pass for Public Transportation: 35.65 €/month (bus and metro)
  • Ticket Museum / Monuments: 2-5 €
  • Cinema ticket: 6 €
  • Tickets for theater, concerts, opera or ballet: 20-75 €
  • National Minimum Wage: € 505/month

ULisboa uses the national grading system (10-20) and the ECTS grading scale as defined in the ECTS framework by the European Commission.

60 ECTS measure the full-time workload over the course of one academic year and 30 ECTS correspond to a semester .


Number of places available

4 places per year. 

More information

More information about studying abroad: in Dutch and in English.

For questions about study abroad not answered on this site, you can seek assistance from the International Office Geosciences (about language proficiency, finances, motivation etc.). For questions about study plans and exam regulations, please contact your study advisor.

Email international.geo@uu.nl (include your name, programme and student number)
Telephone +31 30  253 95 59
Address Koningsberger building (1st floor)

Opening hours

The International Office is open and can be reached by telephone on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 10:30 - 11:30 and 12:30 - 14:30 (or by appointment).