When you graduate you become an alumna / alumnus of Utrecht University. There are several ways to stay in contact with - other graduates from - your study programme and the university.

Study programme networks 

  • The Utrecht University Environmental Sciences Network (UUESN) encourages the cooperation, relationship and communication between environmental sciences alumni, students and staff. They aim to bring these people together based on their thematic interest and work field, match supply and demand for work experience (with internships, vacancies) and share knowledge on environmental subjects. Join their LinkedIn group.
  • Study association Storm also has a LinkedIn alumni group that you can join. They want to involve alumni more actively in their association and its activities.

University networks 

You are automatically included in the address database of the Utrecht University Fund and will receive information on upcoming events that they and the Young Alumni Network organise for -recent- graduates. 

  • The Utrecht University Fund (Alumni Office) makes contact between the university and its alumni and between alumni amongst themselves possible. You can become a friend for an annual contribution (or support them with a donation). Your money will be well spent! Furthermore, as a friend you will receive attractive discounts. And you will remain part of the Geosciences network, so you are kept informed on activities organized especially for alumni of this faculty.
  • The Young Alumni Network (JAN) can help you extend your professional network and knowledge in an informal way. 
  • If you live abroad, you can join one of the international alumni networks.