Joint Programme

Five EU universities and three non–EU universities have combined their excellence in research and experience in teaching sustainable development in a two-year interdisciplinary Master’s programme. It addresses the current European and global challenges with respect to safeguarding our global ecosystems and enabling fair wealth creation in the global context.

Joint International Master’s

The Joint International Master’s in Sustainable Development (JIMiSD) is the first interdisciplinary Master’s programme of its kind. It connects natural and social sustainability science to the development and evaluation of intervention practices, in both the developed and developing worlds. It also promotes collaborative European higher education in a well-structured programme. By including Asian and African partners, it contributes to mutual enrichment of societies globally through the interaction of their students. Check out the joint programme website for more information.

Programme structure

  • 1st semester: in the first or basic semester in year one, you will attend the compulsory courses ‘Basics in Sustainable Development’ (30 EC) at your home university. Students will attend similar courses, with small local differences in accents.
  • 2nd semester: in the second or specialisation semester in year one, you will study at Utrecht University, following one of the four Mobility Tracks (30 EC).
  • 3rd semester: in the third or integration semester, which starts in year two, you will participate in an Integration Module at your home university and attend elective courses (30 EC). It may be possible to do an extra mobility semester in the third semester.
  • 4th semester: the fourth or thesis semester in year two includes the final Master’s thesis research project at your home university (30 EC).

If anything is unclear, or you have any questions, you can contact the programme coordinator at Utrecht University.


The courses offered to mobility students at Utrecht University in the 2nd semester are 7,5 EC. You take two courses per period from different timeslots.