Subsidiary courses

You can take one or more Bachelor's or Master's courses at the Faculty of Geosciences as a subsidiary student.

We distinguish between students who want to take a course at the Faculty of Geosciences from another faculty and students who want to take a course at Geosciences from another university (than Utrecht University) or university of applied sciences. In both cases, we call you a subsidiary student.

Students studying at Geosciences are not considered to be a subsidiary student within their own faculty. So you are not a subsidiary student if, for example, you are taking the Bachelor's in Sociale Geografie en Planologie and would like to take courses within the Bachelor's in Global Sustainability Science.

Course offers and entry requirements

In the Course Planner, you can see which courses are open for subsidiary students. In the Course Planner, under the heading 'Faculty of Geosciences', choose 'Elective courses'. Then choose 'Elective courses Bachelor GEO' or 'Elective courses Master GEO'. Then you will see per period which courses are open for subsidiary students.

If you click on the course, you will see all the information about the course. Under the heading 'Entry requirements and prior knowledge' you can see whether there are any entry requirements.


A number of courses can be taken as e-modules. These courses are primarily intended for students preparing for a (master) degree in geography. An e-module consists largely of self-study, in which an electronic learning environment and a number of contact moments at the Utrecht Science Park (USP) support you. The number of places is limited. 

Please note! The e-modules of the Faculty of Geosciences are in Dutch. 


You must register for each course you want to take. For an e-module, you register with Osiris Online Application (under 'Application for', choose the option 'GEO - Registration for additional courses, contract courses and e-modules). For all other courses, there is a difference in registration procedure for students at Utrecht University and students at other educational institutions. Please see the drop-down boxes below for more information. Please note that not all courses are open to subsidiary students and some require certain entry requirements. In the Course planner, you will find the conditions for each course. The programme tests whether you meet them.

Enrolment minor

If you take your subsidiary courses as part of a minor, you should be guided by the information accompanying that minor. You will then register both for your minor and for each course separately. Often, you can make your own choices for courses within the minor. Make sure that you are registering for courses that belong to the relevant minor.

Practical information

Lots of information, for example about Utrecht University's buildings and IT facilities, can be found on pages Practical information.

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