Who to contact

Questions related to your study programme

There are several people who can help you with questions or problems you might have concerning your study programme. For example, about which courses to choose, or what to do if you’re falling behind. You can contact the following advisors and counsellors.  

Disability or chronic illness

If you have a disability or chronic illness, you may request additional provisions to enable you to study more effectively. Utrecht University is committed to making it easier for students with a disability to carry on their studies and has developed a variety of different schemes, regulations and facilities for this purpose.  For example, if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Visual, auditory or motor impairments;
  • Dyslexia;
  • Chronic and psychological disorders (including depression, an autistic spectrum disorder, ADD or ADHD, Chrohn's disease, diabetes, asthma, rheumatism, ME/CFS, RSI/CANS, etc.).

The Study Advisor for your degree programme can provide you with the exact details of the options available to you, in terms of specially adapted services, financial assistance and other support you can avail of during your studies. The agreements regarding the special provisions will be laid down in a contract. Do you have a written certificate from a medical professional? If so, please take it along to your meeting with the Study Advisor. It is important to contact the necessary people as soon as possible - preferably well before you start the degree programme - to ensure that there is enough time to make the necessary preparations.

Questions not related to your study programme

In some cases you may want to consult someone who is not related to your specific study programme. For example, if you fall behind due to extenuating circumstances or mental health issues, and it is not possible to correct this through an adjustment in your programme. If this is the case, you may use the contacts mentioned below.

We have put together some study tips and useful links and offer a number of workshops which can help you as well.