Education Committee

The main tasks of the Education Committee are to provide advice on the Teaching and Examination Regulations, evaluate these regulations annually, and provide advice - solicited and unsolicited - to the Board of the programmes and the Dean about all issues regarding education. Both students and staff are represented on the Education Committee. You can always contact any of the members about educational matters and suggest issues you’d like to see placed on the committee’s agenda.

Staff members

  • Kees Klein Goldewijk (SD)
  • Giovanna Capponi (IS)
  • Ioannis Lampropoulos - chair (ES)
  • Jesús Rosales Carreón (SBI)
  • Jaivime Evaristo (WSM)
  • Jantien Minderhoud (secretary)

Student members

  • Lukas Ambraziejus (SD)
  • Arne Hefting (IS)
  • Linda Roth (ES)
  • Charlotte Stalder (SBI)
  • Osama Al-Yamoor (WSM)

Minutes of the Master EC can be found in your BlackBoard community