You can contact the Board of Examiners to request certain approvals e.g. for exemptions, substitutions, your study programme, or to take additional courses outside the Faculty of Geosciences. Send an email from your UU-Gmail (include your name, study programme and student number) to

If you need to hand in something in hard copy, you can do this at Student Affairs Geosciences.

Do you study Science and Innovation Management or Sustainable Development? If so, you can submit a request to the Board of Examiners through Osiris. Your request will be handled through Osiris, and both your request and the board’s decision will remain visible there. We will run a pilot in Osiris Case in the upcoming months and hope to expand this procedure to other programmes throughout the academic year.

If you would like to submit a request to the Board of Examiners (for instance, approval of an elective, an exemption, or to postpone your graduation) please go to Cases on the Osiris Student homepage, and use the form GEO Submitting a request for the Board of Examiners.


The Innovation, Environmental and Energy Sciences Board of Examiners is responsible for implementing the exam policy of the programme. The board members are:

  • prof. dr. ir. Max Rietkerk (chair)
  • prof. dr. M. Gibescu (member)
  • dr. A. Peine (member)
  • dr. W. Vermeulen (member)

The chair of the Board is also member of the Faculty of Geosciences’s Board of Examiners. This board is responsible for exam policy. The members supervise how the policy is put into effect and the quality of the decision-making.