Writing a Master’s thesis is a compulsory part of the Sustainable Business and Innovation Master’s programme and will earn you 45 credits. The thesis is intended to train you to conduct research independently, and to become a specialised change agent who can help firms transition to more sustainable business models.


To make sure you have covered all necessary items in your research proposal please fill in the Master’s thesis research proposal information form. Please use this form as a cover page for your research proposal, when you submit it to the secretariat for approval by the Board of Examiners.

Your research can take place in an organisation other than Utrecht University; your choice will depend, on the data you need to answer the research question. In general, a wide range of firms and institutions are possible locations to perform your project, including those in other countries. The first step, however, is to select a research theme and supervisor.

More information on BlackBoard in the SBI community

Every months students present the results of their research. You are very welcome to attend these presentations.

At least ten

You have to attend at least ten presentations, in order to be allowed to give your own Master’s thesis presentation. This way you can develop a broad view on various recent research topics. And keep in touch with your fellow students and teachers in the final -sometimes rather solitary- stage of your studies. Six of the ten presentations must be by other Sustainable Business and Innovation students. The other four presentations may also be from them or by Copernicus staff members. You will find the schedules of the presentations on Blackboard

Research topics

Of course you are most welcome to start attending the presentations if you are not working on your thesis yet. Attending and discussing the research of students in their graduation phase, is a useful way to prepare yourself for your own thesis and it might bring you some inspiring ideas on the topics you will want to research yourself.


You have to sign an attendance list, that is kept at the secretariat. Keep track of the number of presentations you have attended.

Graduation presentation dates 

The dates that are available for the graduation presentations can be found on Blackboard.

Your supervisor will assess your Master’s thesis using the Master’s Thesis Rubrics & Assessment Form. It makes the items the supervisor assesses and the criteria he or she uses transparent. You will receive the form when you start the Master’s thesis process. Please use it to acquaint yourself with the assessment criteria and to assess yourself during the thesis process. Your supervisor is expected to tell you early on which items he or she considers most important and the order they should take in the thesis, so you will not get any surprises later on.

After your thesis has been approved, it has to be uploaded into the thesis archive. One week after the grade is registered in OSIRIS, the student will receive a request by email to upload the reviewed thesis (in PDF format) through OSIRIS Case for the purpose of the thesis archive. The thesis archive is only accessible to employees. If you did not receive an email, contact osiris.geo@uu.nl.