The courses below are 7,5 EC (unless indicated otherwise). The period (1/2/3/4) and time slot (A/B/C/D) are stated in parentheses per course, see schedules. You take 15 EC per period from different timeslots. You have to register for courses yourself.

Year 1

In your first year you take six compulsory courses (45 EC) and you do a consultancy project (15 EC). 

Year 2

In your second year you take two elective courses (15 EC) and you write your Master’s thesis (45 EC). Electives allow you to specialise in a field of your interest and can be related to your thesis topic. These must be relevant to your programme and at least 7,5 EC needs to be a natural science course. You can choose from the recommended electives (below). It is possible to take other courses offered by Utrecht University, another Dutch university, or a university abroad. Before you make your choice, please read the selection regulations in appendix I of the Study Guide of the current academic year.



You can only join a course if it is available to students of Sustainable Business and Innovation. See the Course Catalogue description for details on each Utrecht University course. Also take possible entry requirements into consideration!

Utrecht University

Delft University (NL)

  • Strategic & Sustainable Design (3 EC) (period 4)

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)

  • Advanced International Management (6 EC) (period 1)
  • Green Chemistry (6 EC) (period 1)
  • Value of Ecosystem Services (6 EC) (period 1)
  • Organizational Science (6 EC) (period 1)
  • Sensemaking in Organizations (6 EC) (period 1)
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship and Organizational Renewal (6 EC) (period 1)  
  • Environmental Policy (6 EC) (period 2)
  • Environmental Economics for ERM (6 EC) (period 2)
  • Culture Identity in Organizations (6 EC) (period 2)
  • Organizational Development and Change (6 EC) (period 2)

Wageningen University (NL)

  • Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation* (6 EC) (period 1)
  • Supply Chain Management (6 EC) (period 1/2)
  • Closed Cycle Design (6 EC) (period 1/2)
  • Agroforestry* (3 EC) (period 2)
  • Forest Ecology and Forest Management* (6 EC) (period 3/4)

University of Groningen (NL)

  • Sustainable Use of Ecosystems (5 EC) (period 1)
  • Change and Human Factors (5 EC) (period 1)
  • Impact of Energy and Material Systems (5 EC) (period 1)

University of Technology Eindhoven (NL)

  • Inorganic Chemistry and Materials* (5 EC) (period 2)
  • Polymer Membranes for Sustainable Process Applications* (5 EC) (period 2)
  • Essentials of Polymer Reaction Engineering* (5 EC) (period 2)

* denotes a natural science course
Please note! At least 7,5 EC of the 15 EC electives needs to be a natural science course for students who started their master in 2016-2017 or earlier.

Approval electives

Send the elective application form to the Board of Examiners ( to get your electives approved before you start the course! The recommended electives are pre-aproved by the Programme Leader. If you choose outside of the recommended electives, you will also need the Programme Leader's approval. You can either ask the Programme Leader to sign the application form before sending it, or forward an email containing the approval to the Board of Examiners.