The Sustainable Business & Innovation Master’s programme combines natural and social sciences and applies them in a business context.

Change Agents

The first courses provide a thorough understanding of the theory on sustainability challenges and solutions, and you will increasingly apply this knowledge in a business context. The programme will teach you how to think in an interdisciplinary way and prepare you for your role as a change agent. Close cooperation with frontrunners and state of the art research will give you a competitive advantage so that you can perform at your best.


In this programme you will learn how to assess not only the environmental impact of products and services of businesses but also the environmental benefits of alternative business models in different sectors; you do so by employing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), foot printing analysis and other assessment tools. Regarding social science knowledge, you will focus on theories and methods related to socio-organisational assessments and development of new and sustainable business models. You will be trained in identifying both drivers and barriers to change in a corporate sustainability and innovation system context and in developing strategies to overcome barriers, and developing well-argued business models and strategies for change. These insights from natural and social sciences are combined and integrated in several courses, by practising with case studies and working on real-world cases and questions in the Consultancy project and the Master’s thesis.