Non-degree programmes

Are you studying at a University or University college? If this is the case, you can register for a course using Osiris Online Application. You need to do this during the registration period before the start of your course. If you are taking one or more courses at the Faculty of Geosciences, you’ll find all practical and substantial information on the pages of the programme giving your course(s). You can find the programme via the students' website homepage, or by using the programme finder below. If you don’t know what programme is giving your course, you can look it up in Osiris (click on the icon at the bottom of this page).

Still looking around?

If you are still considering which Geosciences course you would like to take, you’ll find an overview of all courses (with descriptions) in the Course Catalogue, or on the pages of the different programmes on the student website. The course descriptions will tell you if the course is open is open to students in a non-degree programme (“enrolment open to students taking subsidiary courses”).


You have to enrol for every course separately. Some courses have entry requirements. You’ll find them in the course descriptions in the Course Catalogue. The programme checks whether you meet the requirements. Only EU/EER citizens or those with a valid visa/residence permit can take part in courses. 


If you’re doing a minor, the information on your minor page will guide you. Note that you have to enrol for the minor and for each course.

Practical information

You’ll find a variety of useful information - e.g., about the Utrecht University buildings or the IT facilties - in Practical information.

​Access to exam and library

If you are studying at another University, but want to follow a course at the University of Utrecht, you do not get a student card. To borrow books from the library and do an exam, you need a special statement, which you can get at the Student Affairs Geosciences.

List of marks

At the end of the course, you receive a list of marks. You need this to administer at your own insitution. If you followed a minor, you will receive a 'minorstatement.' 


Good to know

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