Your Master’s thesis requires you to conduct independent research, which may be done as part of an internship at a consultancy or government agency, for instance.

An internship is not compulsory, but can definitely help you to get a feeling for actual professional practice. Many employers appreciate experience gained in an organisation.

You will have to arrange your internship yourself, but your thesis supervisor can help you find one.

Geosciences has a website dedicated to finding an internship.

Career Services Internship Listings

You could also check the Career Services Internship Listings to see if any of the internships interest you. Companies and organisations looking for interns from the university's various academic programmes often post their vacancies with us.

Talk to your Innovation Sciences programme leader to find out whether this internship could be completed as part of your academic programme (curriculum).

Never accept an internship without prior approval by your thesis supervisor.

Your thesis supervisor will decide in advance whether an internship meets certain requirements. In other words, whether your role is clear, whether the internship represents a challenge for you, and whether you will receive sufficient supervision by the organisation in question.

The assessment of your internship is included in your thesis assessment form. You will not receive a separate internship assessment or separate credits.