You can graduate at the end of every month. To do so, your study progress review in OSIRIS should be complete and correct on the monthly final 'hand-in date'. This means that all missing grades, alterations in your study progress review and decisions of the board of examiners must be handed in at Student Affairs Geosciences on that date at the latest. As of then, the graduation procedure will start, leading to your official graduation on the last working day of the month in question. This day is referred to as your 'graduation date'. Here you can read all about the gradudation procedure. See 'graduation schedule' for the hand-in and graduation dates. 

Graduation procedure

You play an active part in this procedure! So please note the following:

April 2020

  • Hand-in date: 17 April
  • ​Graduation date: 30 April

May 2020

  • Hand-in date: 20 May (pay attention: Wednesday!)
  • Graduation date: 29 May

June 2020

  • Hand-in date: 19 June
  • Graduatio date: 30 June

July 2020

  • Hand-in date: 24 July
  • Graduation date: 31 July

August 2020

  • Hand-in date: 21 August
  • Graduation date: 31 August

September 2020

  • Hand-in date: 18 September
  • ​Graduation date: 30 September

October 2020

  • Hand-in date: 23 October
  • ​Graduation date: 30 October

November 2020

  • Hand-in date: 20 November
  • ​Graduation date: 30 November

December 2020

  • Hand-in date: 11 December (pay attention: Wednesday!)
  • Graduation date: 24 December

January 2021

  • Hand-in date: 22 January
  • Graduation date: 29 January

Long(!) before the final hand-in date, you need to check wether your study progress review in OSIRIS is complete and correct. See 'graduation schedule' for the hand-in dates. Are there any marks missing? Contact the lecture(s) concerned. Are any of the details wrong or do you want to change a course in your study progress review? Send a message to the Student Affairs Geosciences ( with a brief explanation (and your full name and student number).

Please note! If any of the information on your study progress review is incorrect or incomplete on the final hand-in date, you won’t be able to graduate that month. There are no exceptions to this rule.

You will be notified by email on your UU email address about the status of your graduation by the exam administration office / Board of Examiners. 

Confirmation study progress review

In the week after the final hand-in date, the exam administration will send a email confirming that your study progress review is complete and correct and has been sent to the Board of Examiners for review. The email will also include a link to the exam registration form, which you need to fill out and return immediately to the exam administration.

Confirmation graduation

If you have fulfilled all the requirements of your study programme, the Board of Examiners will approve your graduation. If so, they will send you an email confirming your graduation and informing you of your official graduation date.

Pleas note! You must still be enrolled on your graduation date.


After you have been informed of your graduation date, you will receive an official graduation statement by (regular) mail. You can use this document for study or job applications, while you await your degree certificate.

You can terminate your enrolment as soon as you have received the email informing you of your official graduation date. You can either choose to terminate your enrolment after you graduate, or you can stay enrolled for the rest of the academic year. For instance, because you still want to do an internship. You have to activly terminate your enrolment yourself, this is never done automatically! 

Please note! The termination date of your studies is always the 1st day of the month following your graduation date. You have to submit your request for termination of enrolment (in Studielink) before the 1st day of the month in which you no langer want to be enrolled. So, if you want to terminate your enrolment directly after you graduate, you only have a few days to arrange this. Furthermore, termination of enrolment as of 1 July or 1 August does not entitle you to a refund of tuition fee.


How and when do you receive your degree certificate?

You can either receive your diploma at an official graduation ceremony, or you can collect it yourself at Student Affairs Geosciences. You can indicate your choice on the exam registration form that you receive with the study progress review confirmation email sent by the exam administration office. 


You will receive an invitation for the graduation ceremony by email and regular mail at the beginning of the month in which the ceremony will take place. See 'graduation ceremony' for more information on upcoming ceremonies.


If you have indicated that you would like to pick up your diploma yourself, you will receive an email from Student Affairs as soon as it your diploma is ready.

Unfortunately the graduation ceremony on Tuesday 26 March, 2020 is cancelled due to corona. 

​The following graduation ceremony is planned on Thursday March 26, 2020 from 12.00-18.00.

To participate in the graduation ceremony in March, you have to be graduated February 2020 at the latest (The hand-in date for the last results will be February 21)

Najaar: woensdag 30 oktober 2020 

Om aan de uitreiking in het najaar mee te kunnen doen, moet je uiterlijk per augustus 2020 afgestudeerd zijn (inleverdatum laatste resultaten: 21 augustus 2020)

Special regulations

There are special regulations concerning graduation. You can graduate 'cum laude' and in some cases it is possible to postpone your graduation.

If you perform exceptionally well during your studies, the adjudication 'cum laude' may be added to your diploma to show that you have graduated 'with distinction'. Cum laude is the only distinction recorded on degree certificates. See the Education and Examination Regulations for Bachelor's degree programmes (art. 6.2) for the requirements.

You might want to postpone your graduation because you still have further study obligations. For example you might, have to take courses to be admitted to a certain study programme, want to do an internship or part of your programme abroad, or become a member of a university administrative or advisory body for which you receive financial assistance from Utrecht University. In such cases, the advisable course of action is usually to graduate, but not terminate your enrolment. That is, if the study obligations take place during the current academic year. If your obligations last into the following year, please consult your Study Advisor or Student Affairs Geosciences to determine what course of action is best.


To postpone your graduation you must submit a request to the Board of Examiners ( clearly explaining your reasons. You should submit your request as soon as you receive a message from Exam Administration informing you that the Board of Examiners is reviewing your file. You have two weeks from the official communication outlining your graduation date to submit your postponement request. To avoid considerable paperwork, you are advised to submit your request well in advance of the initial graduation date.