You can order your textbooks (at a discount) via study association Storm (as a member). Of course, you can also make use of study bookstore Studystore or any other bookseller.

When using Studystore make sure you pick 'Milieu en Natuurwetenschappen' right beneath the academic year. GSS is listed under there.


If you are taking a course for which you need a reader, you can order one from Utrecht University’s partner Xerox Webshop via the 'Readers' Portal.

Study places

Are you looking for an available place to study? Studyspot shows an up-to-date overview of available study places (with or without PC) per building. Click on the building for more information on its location and opening hours. You can find places to study in the Uithof (Utrecht Science Park) and city centre. The university libraries have many study places.