Via Linked In

LinkedIn offers you the possibility to get in contact with professionals who have the job you’re interested in, or who work for organisations that appeal to you. With the alumnitool on LinkedIn you can find alumni from your university, or specifically from your degree programme, that you can connect with. The video below shows you how to find the right professional and get in touch using LinkedIn. If you find it difficult to reach out to professionals by yourself you can join the LinkedIn workshop or the workshop Exploring the job market & networking from Career Services, where we will do this together.  

Via the Careers Day (7 February 2019)

The annual Careers Day is planned for Thursday 7 February 2019 to allow students (bachelor-, master- and PhD-students) to orientate themselves on the job market and career opportunities. Over 90 employees will participate in the Careers Day. Registration starts early January 2019.

Via your course society

Your course society organises several events every year during which you can get in touch with employers. Check the activity calendar for your course and the course society’s website for more information.

Via your course

In the different subjects of your course the link will be made between theory and practice. This is done using examples but also through work placements, guests speakers, projects or in other ways. Be alert for these matters and use them to orientate yourself on your potential first career step.