Optional course profile

You can take two courses per period (1/2/3/4) from different time slots (A/B/C/D), see schedules. You have to register for courses yourself.

Optional Course Profile

In the optional course profile (45 EC) you can:

  • choose extra optional courses from the major Global Sustainability Science, to broaden and deepen your knowledge of the discipline. (see 'optional courses' below).
  • choose individual courses or a minor (30 EC) - a coherent package of courses - from:
         - the Faculty of Geosciences (nót your own programme). (see 'optional courses' below).
         - another faculty of Utrecht University. (see 'optional courses' below).
         - another Dutch university (if you can not take any UU courses).
  • go study abroad.
  • do an internship

Please note! At least 15 EC of the elective course profile must be from level 2 or 3 courses. For courses outside Utrecht University, you have to ask for approval from the Board of Examiners by submitting a request via OSIRIS Cases. Please motivate your choice.

You also take courses from the major of your programme.