A minor is a coherent course package of at least 30 EC. You can choose a minor as part of your optional course profile (45 EC). It is a good way to deepen your knowledge of a certain discipline that interests you. And furthermore can be a good preparation, or even entry requirement, for the Master's programme that you wish to do.


You should begin planning your minor in time. If you want to do a minor that does not fit in with the rest of your programme, you might substitute a course for a course outside the minor. You should always consult the Study Advisor on this.

Please note! You must register for the minor and for each course of the minor. Some minors have entry requirements. 


Generally you can do any of the minors offered by Utrecht University. Unfortunately most of them are in Dutch. It is possible to search by language of instruction, start study period, area of interest or faculty. The Faculty of Geosciences offers the minors below.

Minors Faculty of Geosciences