Internship/Tailor-made course

There are two types of internships: internships for credits and internships without credits.

In practice, an internship for credits is usually a Tailor-made Course (GEO3-2426). There are conditions concerning Tailor-made Courses, you can find them in Osiris. Strictly speaking, you will not receive credits for the internship, but for successfully completing the Tailor-made Course. The Tailor-made Course will be part of your elective course profile. The supervisor of the Tailor-made Course will be the contact person towards the internship with regard to the content.

You can request to postpone automatic graduation for an internship for credits. 

An internship without credits will not be part of your degree. You are allowed to take it and it can be a very beneficial experience, but as it is not part of your degree, your programme will not be able to offer you further support organizing or performing it. A possible internship agreement or contract cannot be signed by UU.

The Board of Examiners will not approve postponing your graduation for an internship without credits.

Proof of enrolment

Sometimes you need a statement that you are registered at a university for an internship for credits. You can download an official statement of enrollment at UU via Osiris.