An internship can be done as a Tailor-made course (GEO3-2426). Doing an internship is not compulsory, but a good way to gain practical experience that can be helpful in your future career. Employers appreciate working experience in an organisation. During an internship you will learn to use your knowledge and skills in practice. You could do this at a government body or at a company. Of course the work you do has to match your programme.

The programme does not arrange an internship for you. You will have to find one yourself. You can search for one in the Geosciences internship listings, or you can contact organisations that interest you. Career Services also has internship listings, suitable for students from various study programmes. If you have found a suitable internship, you have to contact a lecturer who is prepared to be your internship supervisor. Consult this lecturer on the content, the set-up and the supervision of your internship.

Never accept an internship without prior approval from your internship supervisor and the program leader. The program leader checks whether the internship assignment and activities fit within your study programme.

The Tailor-made course must meet the requirements as mentioned in the course description. On top of that, an internship must meet the following requirements:

  • the work you do has to fit your knowledge and skills.
  • your job description is clear.
  • you have a supervisor at the internship provider.
  • you have to write a report on what you have done and what you have learned, unless your internship is part of your thesis.

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