If you do your exchange programme at the Faculty of Geosciences with an Erasmus Grant, the following documentation has to be signed by the International Office Geosciences: 

  • Learning Agreement;
  • Statement of Host Institution;
  • Arrival/Departure Certificate.

Your home university should provide you with these forms, which you need to complete, sign and hand in to the International Office Geosciences. The office will inform you by email when has itself signed the forms.

You’ll find your Study Guide on the site of the programme giving your course(s). You can use the programme finder below or the overview on the home page of the Faculty of Geosciences.

The Teaching and Examination Regulations set out the rights and obligations of students, on the one hand, and of Utrecht University, on the other — e.g., regarding exams and testing.

If you are unable to attend a test, lecture or tutorial due to illness or other circumstances beyond your control, please phone your course programme secretariat to inform it in advance. Once you return to your normal schedule, please let the secretariat know and provide it with certification justifying your absence (e.g., a doctor’s note or, in the event, a copy of a card announcing the death of a close one).


  • For courses offered by Earth Sciences: Ms I. Beekman, +31 30  253 5010, Room Z.121, Budapestlaan 4, Uithof.
  • For courses offered by Innovation, Environmental and Energy Sciences: Ms H. IJben or Ms H. Izol, +31 30  253 2359 or +31 30  253 1625, Room 10.20, Van Unnik building, Heidelberglaan 2, Uithof.
  • For courses in the Energy Science Master’s programme: Ms S. Belarbi or Ms F. Elbertsen, +31 30  253 7600, Room 9.17A, Van Unnik building, Heidelberglaan 2, Uithof.
  • For Human Geography and Planning courses: secretariat, +31 30  253 1399, Room 6.01, Van Unnik building, Heidelberglaan 2, Uithof.


If you were unable to do a test due to illness, you have the right to do a replacement test. Contact your lecturer to arrange the details.

If your attendance has been insufficient, either quantitatively or qualitatively, the Course Coordinator has the right to bar you from attending the remainder or a part of the course.

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