Preparation and arrival

There are certain thing you have to arrange before you leave and upon arrival. 

Finding accommodation

Start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. Utrecht is the most popular university town in the Netherlands, so the demand for student housing is very high. Read all you need to know about finding accommodation

Check out what Levi, a Geosciences exchange student from Canada, has to say about his housing search. He also explains why Dutch students should live with an international student.

Residence permit

You might need a residence permit to remain in the Netherlands. Utrecht University has to apply for a residence permit for you, but you will have to provide the university with the necessary information.

Official and financial matters

You’ll find everything you need to know about the official and financial preparations you have to make in practical matters. Such as opening a Dutch Bank Account. If you’re planning to work while you’re in Utrecht, there are also thing to take into consideration. 

Cost of living

You can count on spending € 800 to € 1,000 per month to live in Utrecht. For details, take a look at cost of living.

Health and safety

There are some important things you need to know about health and safety (including insurance) in the Netherlands.

Upon arrival

Utrecht will probably be a completely new experience for you. The orientation programme organised by the university will offer you the opportunity to meet new people and get organised for your stay here. Read some other useful things to help you gain your bearings upon arrival, like how to get where you want to go, money matters and learning Dutch for instance. 

​Bring your own device

If you are taking any computer-based classes, please bear in mind that you might be expected to bring your own laptop. As a UU student, you'll have access to practically all study software via your own laptop, free of charge, wherever you are.