The 'Utrecht way'

At the Faculty of Geosciences you will be studying the 'Utrecht way'.

Active participation 

The lecturers will challenge you to participate actively in the courses: to think critically, to express your own views, and participate in discussions and simulation games. This will help you really master the material and develop your academic skills. This is why many of the courses are offered in small groups, which fosters the intensive exchange of ideas between your lecturer, your fellow students and yourself.


You’re not only expected to use your own initiative in the classroom. You’ll be studying much of the course material independently. You’ll have to carry out individual and group assignments, like writing a (short) thesis or preparing and giving a presentation. Indeed, your lecturer might ask you to come up with a good topic for a thesis or presentation yourself. 

Research focus

The education is closely linked to research, certainly in the Master’s programmes. You’ll have the opportunity to become familiar with research methodologies and the latest research results, and to carry out research yourself.

Weighted assesment

Furthermore, course assessment will not be based exclusively on a final exam, but will also for instance include your class contribution and attendance, which is often compulsory. Some assessments are worth more than others.