Course offering

The Faculty of Geosciences has three teaching institutes, which are responsible for both the Bachelor’s (Undergraduate School) and Master’s programmes (Graduate School). 

  • Earth Sciences (ES)
  • Sustainable Development (SD)
  • Human Geography and Spatial Planning (HGSP)

You cannot choose courses that are in the same timeslot (A, B, C or D). As Bachelor's student you cannot apply for Master's courses. As Master's student you cannot apply for Bachelor's courses. Pay attention to possible entry requirements, preknowledge and how prerequisite knowledge can be obtained.

Course levels

You can choose courses from four different levels. Higher-level courses may have specific knowledge or skill entry requirements. The course levels are:

  • Level 1: Introductory (first-year) Bachelor’s course (GEO1)
  • Level 2: Intermediate (second-year) Bachelor’s course (GEO2)
  • Level 3: Advanced (third-year) Bachelor’s course (GEO3)
  • Level 4: Master’s course (GEO4)

Bachelor's courses (Undergraduate School)

Several of the courses in the Undergraduate School of Geosciences are given in English, and are open to Dutch and exchange students. You will find the course offer for 2024-2025 below. 

Master's courses (Graduate School)

The Graduate School of Geosciences offers several full Master's programmes in English. As an exchange student you can choose from a list of selected courses from these programmes. Compose your own programme with courses that are in tune with your Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately it is impossible to apply if you don’t have a relevant Bachelor’s.You will find the course offer for 2024-2025 below.