Utrecht University offers the Young Innovators Programme to high-achievers with leadership potential. Young Innovators Programme is a selective 15 EC honours course at graduate level, to be taken on top of any Master's programme.

The Young Innovators programme embodies a community of learning, where the focus is on creating positive impact through social innovation and personal leadership. As such, the programme focuses on learning to research, design and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to real-life societal challenges. Supported by leading researchers from the University's strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies, the programme allows you to immerse yourself in both theory and practice of innovation across corporate, public and community sectors.

During this program you will be stimulated to collaborate, produce and learn in multidisciplinary teams. In this, you are challenged to take ownership of both your own and collective learning processes and thereby invited to co-create the program design. 

Young Innovators is an honours programme designed for students who have the will and ability to stretch themselves beyond the confines of their regular Master's programme. Young Innovators is about learning and working differently: experientially, through ownership, through challenging teamwork, on the borderlines of academia and practice, and at the interface of research and intervention.

Being part of this learning community, you:

  • are part of an inspiring and experiential learning environment that may further enhance the basis for your professional network;
  • work in an interdisciplinary team on a real-life societal challenge;
  • present your team’s work-in-progress at several plenary conferences;
  • attend supportive meetings to acquire the knowledge, skills and inspiration needed for social innovation;
  • learn to take ownership of your own learning processes and the program design.


If you want to know more or would like to apply, please visit uu.nl/younginnovators