The courses below are 7,5 EC (unless indicated otherwise). The period (1/2/3/4) and time slot (A/B/C/D) are stated in parentheses per course, see schedules. You take 15 EC per period from different timeslots. You have to register for courses yourself.

Year 1

Earth Structure and Dynamics offers you a choice of three study paths. To start, you choose one these. You then design your plan following the rules of your selected study path. You will find an instruction on how to design your plan for the first year at the courses of the paths of your choice. You are allowed to take courses from outside of Earth Sciences, but if you do so you must earn at least 45 EC inside of your study path and you need approval of the Board of Examiners.

Year 2

In your second year you must carry out a final research project. Your research will culminate in a Master's thesis (30-45 EC), on which you will also give an oral presentation. In addition, you also have to do a guided research (7,5-30 EC) and/or internship (15-30 EC). This means you will write at least two and maybe three academic papers: your Master's thesis and a report on the guided research and/or a report on your internship.

Please note! If you started your programme before 2016 and you still have one or more first year courses to complete then you must use the Study Guide from your starting year as your point of reference.