During the minor Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health you will study how scientific findings in the field of life sciences and health get translated into social and economic applications that benefit society and/or the economy. The translation step from knowledge to innovative products or services often proves to be difficult. Many good ideas perish in the proverbial "valley of death". The question you ask yourself during this minor is how successful entrepreneurs and innovation managers succeed in introducing a new product or a new service. Naturally, you explicitly look at innovations in life sciences and health care, such as pharmaceutical products, medical devices, digital health applications (eHealth, mHealth), etc.

You will learn about the principles of business administration and entrepreneurship and how to write a business plan in the context of an internship. You study how large and small companies, universities, governments, financiers and social parties deal with innovation processes. You follow courses at Natural Sciences & Innovation Management and at the Utrecht University School of Economics.


The minor in Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health presents you with a general understanding of the field innovation management and entrepreneurship in the health and life sciences sector.

There are no specific entry requirements for the minor Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health. Please check the entry requirements and registration period of each individual course.

You can plan the order of the courses you follow yourself. There is one exception: the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Internship should be followed as the final part of the minor.

The minor is taught in English. For some courses it is possible to write assignments in Dutch.

The minor Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health consists of 4 compulsory courses (30 EC; each course is 7.5 EC).

The minor consists of the following, compulsory courses:


Application and registration

At the moment this minor is only open for Utrecht University students. Utrecht University students can register for the minor and the individual courses online via OSIRIS during the Faculty of Geosciences registration period. You must register for both the minor itself and each course individually.

Enrollment periods

If you enroll during these periods you are almost always guaranteed to be accepted in the course of your first choice.

  • Period 1 (Start courses: Monday 31 August 2020)
    Registration: Tuesday 2 June until Sunday 28 June 2020, inclusive
  • Period 2 (Start courses: Monday 19 November 2020)
    Registration: Monday 14 September - Sunday 27 September 2020, inclusive
  • Period 3 (Start courses: Monday 8 February 2021)
    Registration: Monday 2 November - Sunday 29 November 2020, inclusive
  • Period 4 (Start courses: Monday 26 April 2021)
    Registration: Monday 1 Febuary - Sunday 28 February 2021, inclusive

Late-registration days

If you change your mind later on and want to take another course, or if you forgot to enroll, you have a second chance on the late enrolment days. The choice at that time will however usually be more limited

  • Period 1 Late registration: Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 August 2020
  • Period 2 Late registration: Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 October 2020
  • Period 3 Late registration: Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 January 2021
  • Period 4 Late registration: Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 April 2021

More information

If you wish to know more, or have questions about this minor, please contact the study advisor of Science and Innovation management (Natuurwetenschap & Innovatiemanagement), Pieter Louwman (P.A.Louwman@uu.nl). Content-related questions can be asked to the coordinator of the minor, Wouter Boon (W.P.C.Boon@uu.nl). For questions specific on the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Internship, please contact the course coordinator.