Note: there is no option to start the Climate KIC in the academic year 2020/2021.

Add value to your Master’s

For MSc students who are extra motivated and enjoy thinking outside of the box, we offer access to the Climate-KIC Master Label. Students explore climate science and sustainable entrepreneurship alongside their regular master courses, and develop valuable tools for becoming tomorrow’s change makers in the field of climate adaptation and innovation.

For ES Master’s students, this programme consists of:

  • Two of the following courses of which at least one course with an * has to be taken:

- GEO4-2521: Bio-based economy

- GEO4-2514: Energy in the Context of Sustainability

- GEO4-2312: Energy Supply Technologies

- GEO4-2604: Governance and Change Management for Sustainability. SBI students have priority.

- *GEO4-2268: Innovation Management*

- GEO4-5501: Techniques of Futuring

-GEO4-2327 Sustainable Food Systems 

-GEO4-2328 Circular Economy

- *ECMSE: Sustainable Entrepreneurship*

  • The climate innovation summer school - The Journey
  • A series of thought-provoking SPARK! talks and seminars
  •  International mobility: Students must complete a period of geographical international mobility (min. 15 EC) at another university (academic semester/year, for instance) or by doing an internship abroad (applied research internship, industrial internship, for instance)
  • Real-life work experience mobility. Students must complete a period of real-life work experience (min. 15 EC) outside their home university (applied research internship, industrial internship, development of their own start-up, for instance)
  • Master’s thesis on a topic related to climate innovation and/or sustainable entrepreneurship.

Both types of mobility can be merged into one if the students complete a period of real-life work experience outside their home university in another country (30 EC).

Students who complete the Climate-KIC EIT Master Label will receive the EIT Master Label certificate. It is not possible to receive both the EIT certificate and the annotation certificate. More information on the programme and the enrolment procedure is available at: