In the minor Sustainable Energy you study the production and use of energy and materials. You will gain insight in how technological and social developments can affect production and use in the future. Sustainability is an important aspect to be considered. During this minor, you will often take a natural sciences approach, but you will also need to use knowledge and methods from social sciences. This minor is perfect for you if you are a beta sciences student and if you are interested in energy and sustainable development. Students from other faculties are more than welcome to enrol, that is, if you have sufficient knowledge of maths and physics (see entry requirements below).

There are no entry requirements for this minor but maths and physics at VWO-level is advised. This minor is not available for Global Sustainability Science students. For student of Natuurwetenschap & Innovatiemanagement, this minor is only available for the students of the Life Science track.

The minor is taught in English. Parts are in Dutch, but this can be avoided.

Length minor: One semester if you have a solid background in Physics (i.e at least higher than VWO), or longer if you need more Physics first.


This minor amount to 30 EC (four courses of 7,5 EC).

In brackets: period & timeslot


Choice 1 out of 4

Choice 1 out of 5

Please note!

  • Courses mentioned twice are only available once.
  • You can begin this minor in period 1 with Duurzame Ontwikkeling, Wiskunde & Systeemanalyse or Applied Thermodynamics & Energy Conversions. Or in period 3 with Science of Energy Technologies, depending on your previous knowledge of Mathematics and Physics. See also below.
  • If you do not have a solid backgrond in Physics (i.e at least higher than VWO), it is advised to take Wiskunde & Systeemanalyse and Science of Energy Technologies before attending Applied Thermodynamics & Energy Conversions and Energy Analysis.
  • It is possible to take this minor in one semester, but only if you have a solid background in Physics (i.e at least higher than VWO). Your programme will be:
    Applied Thermodynamics & Energy Conversions (1A)
    Choice 1 out of 2:
    - Duurzame Ontwikkeling (1D)
    - Sustainable Energy Supply (1D)
    ​Sustainable Resource Use (2A)
    Energy Analysis (2C)


If you're a student at Utrecht University then you register via Osiris. Please note: you must register for the minor and separately for each course.

This minor is also available for students studying at a university of applied sciences or at another university.

If you are not from Utrecht University, you register through Osiris Online Application

Registration periods

If you register during these periods you can almost be sure to be accepted in the course of your first choice.

  • Period 1 (Start courses: Monday 31 Augustus 2020)
    Registration: Tuesday 2 June - Sunday 28 June 2020 (inclusive)
  • Period 2 (​Start courses: Monday 9 November 2020)
    Registration: Monday 14 September -  Sunday 27 September 2020 (inclusive)
  • Period 3 (Start courses: Monday 8 February 2021)
    Registration: Monday 2 November - Sunday 29 November 2020 (inclusive)
  • Period 4 (Start courses: Monday 26 April 2021)
    Registration: Monday 1 February - Sunday 28 February 2021 (inclusive)

Late registration days

If you change your mind later on and want to take another course, or if you forgot to enrol, you have a second chance on the late registration days. The choice at that time however will usually be more limited.

  • Period 1 Late registration: Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 August 2020
  • Period 2 Late registration: Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 October 2020
  • Period 3 Late registration: Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 January 2021
  • Period 4 Late registration: Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 April 2021

More information

Study advisor Pieter Louwman can provide you with more information concerning this minor. You can reach him by phone (030) 253 2349 of via e-mail (