It’s important that you play a part in designing your programme’s teaching, facilities and organisation. There are many ways you can share your views and improvement ideas with those involved in advising and decision-making.

Give your opinion

  • You can propose course-specific improvements in your course evaluations.
  • You can comment on all aspects of the programme and on Utrecht University’s facilities in the annual National Student Survey (NSE).
  • You can directly contact the student members on the representative advisory bodies (see the yellow fold-out boxes below) to make your suggestions.
  • You can also, when relevant, submit a complaint, objection or appeal.

Become active

You can also -if elected- become actively involved as a member on representative advisory bodies. Effective representative bodies are key to the effective functioning of the whole university. Being a student representative is a rewarding learning experience in constructive thinking and group decision-making to bring about change in a large organisation. 

Every programme has its own Education Committee, which comprises both students and teaching staff representatives. The committee oversees the quality of the programme, raises any items of concern and provides advice on the development and implementation of education policies to the Education Director. You’ll find the current student representatives under ‘Contact’.

The Faculty Council is the representative body for staff and students in the Faculty of Geosciences and advises the Dean on all matters affecting the Faculty. It is comprised of eight students and eight staff members. Students are elected for one year and staff members for two years.

The University Council is the central representative body of Utrecht University, serving the interests of both students and staff. It gives advice and makes decisions about the course of the university as a whole, as well as the state of affairs within the university. It is made up of twelve members of staff and twelve students from all faculties and support services. Every year students elect new representatives, while members of staff do the same once every two years.


Give your opinion

  • By filling in the course evaluations you can give points for improvement for specific courses;
  • In the National Student Survey (NSE), you can give your opinion on all aspects of the programme and Utrecht University’s facilities;
  • Visit the student representative in the representative advisory body (provided in the yellow drop-box) and present your suggestion;
  • Do you have a complaint or objection? See Complaints, objections and appeals.
  • Do you not know who to turn to with a question, remark or complaint about the university? Then ask your question at the student government desk on Facebook. You will receive an answer within one work day. The desk makes sure your problem gets sent to the appropriate student governance body, which will then keep you updated on their progress in solving it. 


If you want to get involved in a governing or representative body at Utrecht University, you may qualify for financial support from the University in the form of a compensation for board activities.