Financial matters

Financial arrangements of the faculty

Olaf Schuiling Fund

Do you have a good idea for a research project but lack the funds to execute it? Will you make use of mineralogical, chemical or isotope analysis for this project? Have you found a professor to mentor you? Are you not eligible for (other) funds from the department of Earth Sciences or Physical Geography? If this is the case, you can apply for the Olaf Schuiling Fund.

Creative ideas
The Olaf Schuiling Fund offers financial support to students at Utrecht University who are working on independent research projects (such as a bachelor- or master thesis). You can use this financial support to cover the costs of things like fieldwork, consumption, analysis, facilities you might need for experiments etc. The Fund aims to encourage the creativity of students during the development of their research ideas. If you have an interesting research question, you can send you application to


The Financial Regulation for Fieldwork (in Dutch) gives an overview of all financial matters concerning fieldwork and field trips.

Extra contributions in addition to tuition fees

Regarding financial contributions in addition to tuition fees, Utrecht University has drawn up a guideline on extra contributions in addition to tuition fees (pdf, 216 kB).
The guidline contains the starting points Utrecht University uses and an explanation of when and under what conditions it is allowed to charge extra fees.